Wildlife FAQ’s for Port St. Lucie, Florida

Over the course of the past decade or so, our technicians have shared with us some of the most common questions asked by homeowners and business owners during wildlife inspections. We hope this information is useful for you, and if there is anything we didn’t answer here, give us a call!

Why Do I Have Wildlife In My Home?

That’s a tough question. Don’t think you have rats because your home isn’t clean. We’ve seen immaculate homes become infested with wildlife. Here’s a few reasons why you have any number of nuisance wildlife inside the home:

How Do I Get Rid Of Wildlife in My Home?

Identify the sources of the wildlife infestation, including food sources and opening that expose the interior of the home. Barracade off areas where they are entering after you remove or exclude the animals. Repair and restore the interior spaces to prevent the spread of deadly diseases

Do I need to Hire a Professional?

Like we say on the home page of our site, every wildlife removal situation is going to be different. If your animals are limited to the outdoors, you’ll probably have no issue taking care of it yourself. You can buy metal screening to cover areas under the porch deck or the crawlspace, and use netting to keep animals from entering the attic and roof space. If you are noticing animals inside, however, you’ll need commercial-grade sanitation equipment and an insulation blower to get your attic back into shape and bacteria-free.

Why Can’t I Exterminate Wildlife?

Most wildlife is protected in some way or another, except for rats. Nobody likes rats. Possums, raccoons, armadillos, and other mammalian nuisance wildlife, however, have laws that govern their removal, capture, and release in Port St. Lucie. It’s a good idea not to try to kill nuisance animals on your property. You may cause damage to your property or have the authorities called on you if you discharge a firearm or operate a lethal trap like a body-lock trap on your premises without the proper licensing and permits.